Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Boktips om EAP och LaRoucherörelsen

Don Veitch bok om LaRoucherörelsen, beyond Common Sense, finns nu tillgänglig på nätet!


The Danger In LaRouche Psycho-Politics.

Lifton’s words are appropriate:

“Rather than stimulating greater receptivity and
‘openness to the world,’they encourage a backward
step into some form of ‘embededness’- a retreat into
doctrinal and organisational exclusiveness, and into
all-or-nothing emotional pattems more characteristic...
of the child than the individual adult “ (page 436)

“And if no peak experience occurs,
ideological totalism does even greater violence to the human
potential, it evokes destructive emotion, produces
intellectual and psychological constriction and deprives
man of all that is most...
and imaginative - under the
false promise of eliminating these very imperfections
and ambivalence which help to define the human
condition. This combination of personal closure, self
destructiveness, and hostility towards outsiders leads
to the dangerous group excesses so characteristic of
ideological totalism in any form.It also mobilises
extremist tendencies in those outsiders under attack,
thus creating a vicious circle of totalism.

Passa även på att läsa Dennis Kings bok, The New American Fascism.

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  1. Du är besatt och lider av tunnelseende. Beskrivningen passar Obama och hans kontrollanter till 100%. Se själv vad som händer just nu i världen. Obama ÄR en ny Hitler.